Dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing process.

Below, we explain how a transformation is made possible.

Often, severely neglected wood floors are ‘inherited’ upon purchase of an older home and many people feel they must be replaced. Truth is, most of these old, vintage floors can be resurrected to their original beauty, or even better – now that’s a pleasant surprise, isn’t it?


If you have carpet on your hardwood floors at this time, the first step is to remove it. We provide complete carpet removal surface, including the disposal of all related materials.


At this time, all repairs, which often require the replacement of existing boards with undamaged, reclaimed or new wood, occur before the sanding process. Dustless Sanding To remove the floor finish, including any build up of wax or dirt, we use coarse grit sandpaper, working up to a finer grit. Thoughtful sanding will ensure the minimum amount of actual wood is removed from your floors. The depth of the sanding will be influenced by the overall condition of the floor including the existence of deep scratches, dents and stains.

Dustless Sanding

Our dustless sanding system ensures dust, finish, dirt and wax is contained at the sanding source before becoming airborne. Keeping your home clean and free of contaminants.


Buffing the entire hardwood floor with an abrasive screen blends the remaining fine sanding marks to make them virtually invisible to the unaided eye.


At this point, if a stain has been selected, the staining process begins. To help choose the color that best fits your style; we will install a medium size test area on your floor. We maintain an inventory of all Minwax stain colors in our vans which allows us to provide several color samples on your floor. You will know exactly what the final outcome will be for the colors your may be considering – no trying to guess off little stain charts or sample boards.

Finishing Process

Your choice of either 3 coats of professional grade oil-based polyurethane or 4 coats of the best water-based polyurethane finish are applied over the course of the next several days. Drying times will vary depending on your choice of stain color, oil- or water-based polyurethane, and weather conditions.

Between each coat of finish

The floors will be buffed with an abrasive screen and the perimeter of the floors hand-sanded in preparation for the next coat.

In every case, after we have refinished your floors, we will provide you with specific guidance before you plan to move back your furniture. Given that area rugs cover larger sections of floor, we recommend that they remain off the still-curing floors for 2-4 weeks.

Installation and refinishing hardwood floors has been the exclusive focus of Keri Wood Floors for more than 28 years. Discover the difference expert advice and personalized services make by partnering with us.

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