Hardwood Floor Repair

by Keri Wood Floors

Hardwood Floor Repair

No Need to Panic
As durable as hardwood is there may come a time when repairs are needed. Dents, scratches, cracked boards, and stains are just a few things that could potentially ruin the appearance of your floor. As bad as it may look there’s no need to panic, if your floor has been damaged we can fix it.

Repairing Scratches and Dents

Natural wear and tear leads to scratches and dents on all wood floors. Scratches can easily be fixed with a little sanding. Deeper dents can be filled with wood filler or if the dent in significant enough, the board may need to be replaced.
Cracked or Loose Boards
Loose boards may be fixed by re-nailing the loose board in place. If the board is cracked and moving, the board may need to be replaced. This isn’t a problem as we can easily find recycled material, cut it to size and re-install it.
Water Damage
Water damage from a flood or the continual over watering of a plant can cause boards to discolor and cup. Usually if given enough time to dry thoroughly; your floor will flatten back to normal, although the damage may still be somewhat visible. Damaged or stained boards will have to be replaced prior to refinishing. Depending on the extent of the water damage, an entirely new floor may need to be installed.
Stains and Discoloration
High traffic areas, where the finish has completely worn off and the floor has become discolored, can usually be restored by a typical refinishing. Stains caused by pet urine, or water damage typically never sand out. These boards will have to be replaced prior to refinishing the floor.
Remodeling a home often involves the removal of walls or changing the locations of doorways exposing areas of your floor that are missing hardwood. These areas are easily patched with hardwood that matches the adjacent hardwood flooring. We’ll source boards of the same species and similar grain, cut the boards to the exact size and width, and then splice them in for a seamless repair. When we’re finished nobody will ever know that it’s not part of the original flooring.
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